With roots In the holistic practices of many ancient cultures including Egyptian, Chinese and Vietnamese, reflexology is a relaxing and rejuvenating wellness treatment based on the idea that we have micro systems of our entire body mirrored or repeated within other areas of our body. This is an intelligent way our bodies have evolved over time to pick up on sensory information from the environment, communicate within itself and function optimally.

Reflexology uses specialized compression techniques applied to points on the feet, hands, ears or face called reflexes.

Reflexes relate to certain parts, organs or glands of the body via the nervous system they are connected to. When stimulated, they trigger that part of the body to release physical, emotional and energetic blockages and help restore balance, reduce stress and pain, relieve tension and promote healing.

Reflexology directly influences the parasympathetic nervous system, encouraging the body to rest, repair and digest.

What Are The Benefits Of Reflexology?

Benefits Include:
  • Pain relief & blocks in nerve pathways - Reflexology has the ability to interrupt pain signals in the nervous system, reducing the intensity and duration of chronic pain.
  • Releases stress, tension & anxiety - Reflexology reduces stress by releasing tension, removing physical and energetic blockages and flushes stress hormones like cortisol out of the tissues.
  • Boosts mood - Reflexology releases feel good hormones like dopamine and serotonin into the body system.
  • Improves digestion - Like walking after a large meal, activating reflexes on the bottom of the feet encourages the body to “turn on” the digestive system processes.
  • Balances the Hormonal system - Reflexology acts as a “reset” for the hormonal system and encourages balancing so the body can work optimally.
  • Improves sleep - As hormones balance, the mind is calmed and the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, allowing for a more restful sleep.
  • Unblocks congestion & energetic pathways - Reflexology releases blockages in the feet, translating to better flow of energy along meridians (energy pathways) found in the body which helps to support the vital organs.
  • Improves circulation, blood flow & increased oxygenation from the lungs
  • Stimulates the Immune and Lymphatic system.
  • Detoxifies - Reflexology promotes optimal functioning of the major detox organs including the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, and skin. It helps with removal of waste deposits in the foot tissues and inflammation from the body, encouraging detoxification.

Because we are working on the feet and legs specifically Foot Reflexology can also:

  • Release inflammation and tension from the tissues in the feet.
  • Removes deposits of waste matter in the feet (Ex. uric acid, deposits are known to cause gout).
  • Stretches the muscles and tendons of the feet and calves, allowing the foot to splay as intended.
  • Reduces scar tissue as it’s broken up and removed by the body.
  • Helps to regain proper foot and body alignment.
  • Increases flexibility and mobility.

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